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Barton County Community College

Take charge of your class schedule!  BARTONline provides a learning platform that puts you in charge of scheduling.  Our courses are scheduled in weekly blocks; you determine the time of day and the days of the week that you will attend class. We offer our courses in nine and seventeen-week formats.  Our fall and spring semesters each contain two nine-week and one seventeen-week session.  The summer session is nine weeks long.  Each of the courses listed in our catalog is offered at least once each semester. We do not have a minimum class size and classes are never canceled because of low enrollment.

BART provides you the opportunity to complete an Associate Degree online. Courses taken at other colleges and universities, plus your military and work experience, can be applied towards degree completion requirements at Barton County Community College. A minimum of 15 credit hours are required from Barton for degree completion. 

BARTONline  tuition rate is a uniform flat rate of $130 per credit hour.  The only other expense is the cost of textbooks, which varies by the course.  


How to Apply: 

Procedure to Enroll

If you do not have an account on – go to the website and click the blue Enroll Now Banner on the left side of the page.  Enter the data required on the screens that will appear.  The enrollment process is 100% online.

High School Students

Barton County Community College welcomes high school students who wish to accelerate their educational pursuits. The general policy for these students mandated by the Kansas State Department of Education follows:

  • The student must be a high school sophomore, junior or senior.
  • The student must have the signed authorization of his/her high school principal before the enrollment may be finalized. Click here for a printable copy of the high school authorization form.
  • Any student who has not achieved at least junior status must present documentation from his/her school district recommending the student for college level course work.
How to Register: 

  • If you are trying to earn concurrent credit in your high school, you’ll need to confirm the concurrent credit agreement through your high school guidance counselor.  Once the concurrent credit agreement is confirmed, simply enroll at by using the link – Enroll Now.
  • If you are a high school student not trying to earn concurrent credit, complete the high school authorization form and enroll at by using the link – Enroll Now.
  • If you are an adult simply enroll at by using the link – Enroll Now.

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