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Women in Construction

According to a recent article in the Wichita Eagle,  10% of the jobs in the construction industry are held by women. However, 8 out of 10 work in office or sales positions, not in the field. What if your dream is to be on the job site wielding a jackhammer, welder, or set of blue prints? Is your gender stacked against you?

Continuous Learning and Indvidual Responsibility

Let's face it, we are never done with education. There is only a brief lull after high school graduation, as opportunities for higher education are right around the corner. Even if you choose to enter the workforce with the ink still damp on your diploma, you must learn while on the job. If you decide that you already know everything there is to know, be prepared to breathe in the dust stirred from those who have hustled on ahead of you. Clifton, Anderson, & Schreiner (2006), pretty well sum it up:

... You are your own best educator and learner.

10 Career Advising Questions

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Innovations in Career Technical Education conference in Wichita, KS. One of the presenters was Dr. Ken Hughey, from Kansas State University, who was one of my professors last year. He talked about Feller and O'Bruba's (2009)  10 Career Advising Questions that advisors can help high school and college students answer. Think about your personal situation and the questions that someone may be able to help you answer.

When your advisor says, "How can I help you....", consider this:

2009 Kansas Job Vacancy Survey

Although the demand for workers overall  was lower in 2009, the demand for healthcare-related jobs continue ot have the most vacencies and the highest demand for workers.  In fact, healthcare  occupations accounted for 3 of the top 10 occupations reported as "always open."

The top 10 occupations in Kansas with open positions in 2009 include:

1.  Registered Nurses

2. Nursing Aides, Orderlies and Attendants

3.  Cashiers

4.  Retail Salespersons

5.  Home health aides

Is College Worth It???

"Is going to college really worth it? Probably so, but it’s not that clear cut, and economics have been arguing the point for 30 years. Most studies tend to show that college-educated people end up making far more money in the course of their lifetimes. (The niggle: Usually, it’s not worth paying for a private university.)"

Etiquette for Internships

Many companies have begun the search for summer interns even though it is only February. Working as an intern provides an up close and personal view of life on the job. It is as important to discover what you don't want to do as it is to find a career that will make you happy. Also, the company is taking YOU on a test drive in order to determine if you would make a good employee upon graduation. Regardless if you would like to be considered for future employment or not, it will behoove you to conduct yourself in a manner that is appropriate.

Jobs going Green

According to a report (uploaded below) provided by Global Insight to The United States Conference of Mayors and the Mayors Climate Protection Center, 'green jobs' could be the fastest growing segment of the United States economy over the next 20-30 years.  Estimates regarding the number of workers currently employed in this segment range widely with some estimates as low as 750,000 workers and others as high as 8 million.

Scholarships for Teachers

If you are thinking about entering the teaching field, check out this information from Christopher and Banks. They are offering scholarships for undergrad students, as well as current teachers who are pursuing master's degrees.

Christopher & Banks Corporation has established a scholarship program to support current undergraduate students pursuing a bachelor's degree in education and current teachers pursuing a master's degree in teaching.

Student Loan SOS

Spring is the time of year when college bound students should be seeking ways to fund their education. Nearly all colleges, universities, and technical schools require students to complete a FAFSA form before being admitted to a program of study.

College and Career Ready Graduates

President Obama has released his FY 2011 budget, and it includes a request for an additional $4.5 billion dollars for discretionary education spending, bringing the total discretionary education spending to $50.7B.  Obviously, the issue of reauthorizing ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act) will be at the heart of the proposal but of particular interest is a proposed increased focus on promoting "College and Career Ready Students." 

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