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10 Career Advising Questions

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Innovations in Career Technical Education conference in Wichita, KS. One of the presenters was Dr. Ken Hughey, from Kansas State University, who was one of my professors last year. He talked about Feller and O'Bruba's (2009)  10 Career Advising Questions that advisors can help high school and college students answer. Think about your personal situation and the questions that someone may be able to help you answer.

When your advisor says, "How can I help you....", consider this:

  1. Discover what motivates you... who gets the best out of you?
  2. Become curious and innovative  (entrepreneurial thoughts/ideas)?
  3. Get the people skills needed to work in teams/corporate/inspire?
  4. Get the oral skills you need to persuade/change another's attitude or opinion?
  5. Embrace technology (productivity)?
  6. Gain higher math and science competencies without "saying uncle"?
  7. Practice business writing (regardless of field, the more responsibility gained the more persuading other is in writing using documentation is valued closed parentheses?
  8. See education as a means to develop  competency is not an end in itself (lifelong learning)?
  9. Read, travel, and experiment with new environments to see beyond present boundaries?
  10. See that polished effort looks  a lot like ability?

It doesn't matter if you are a traditional college student, an adult student, or if you are just taking some online classes, advisors are available to assist you with your career plan. Be sure to explore various avenues when formulating your career plan, or preparing to enter the workforce.  There are many people available to assist you along the way.

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